Day: Friday Night

The plan never goes to plan. I mean, when you have the night to yourself, why wouldn’t you indulge in endless chick flicks, chocolate, wine (cups of  tea) and trash tv all while lazed on the sofa?  Continue reading

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Day: I’m no longer on holiday. But eating like I am.

palmtreesI’m back. From my holiday. The holiday that provided me with great motivation to get in shape. It worked. I worked out, I ate reasonably well, and I saw the results.

But now I’m back. Yip. I know. I’m buzzin’. *Insert the straightest face you’ve ever seen*.  Continue reading


So this is it. The night before the week of change.

I have sat on my ass… a lot.
I have slept… a lot.
I have treated myself… a lot.

…you see where I’m going with this right? Basically, in simple terms, I’ve become rather a lazy bitch! Hands up. I admit it. So shoot me! Continue reading


Day: The calm before the storm…



I’ve gotten lazy. I don’t know at what point this happened exactly… maybe it was when I realised that cutting down my carb intake actually aided a spot of weight loss, that I decided I didn’t need to work out. But who am I kidding. I’m getting soft. Not cool, not cool at all.

This smug voice in my head has decided to pipe up hasn’t it…

Why don’t you cut the carbs down AND workout you mug. Double success, no!? *Insert pitying eye roll*

The work trip didn’t help, cocktails, champagne and lots of french cuisine (basically buttery pastries – lots of them). That said, I managed my first run in a LONG time yesterday. It killed me considering a lot of the route is uphill – so admittedly “ran” a bit, walked a bit, “ran” a bit, walked a bit… but it’s put me back in the frame of mind to jump back on the wagon! Another run tomorrow and a few weights will sort me out for throwing myself in full steam ahead again…

…until the BBQ on Saturday.
*Shrugs shoulders* Girls gotta eat.2015-07-16 21.39.32


Day: Laziness got the better of me