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Inspire yourselves

It’s getting to that time where I’m itching to workout, I really am. But I need to rest… I need to listen to my body now that I’m 32 weeks pregnant. And unfortunately in doing that, I’ve gone the other way and am shoveling cake in my system like it’s going out of fashion! HOWEVER, with that in mind, I have just received (upon request), some new dumbbell weights for my birthday, in preparation for when I’ve had the little one, or even if I’m having a particularly good day before hand, where a mini workout wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Continue reading

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Keeping myself in check

It’s funny – you (and by ‘you’ I mean those like minded to me, which isn’t everyone of course) strive to be in shape, fit, healthy, toned and looking your best, on and off, for many years of your life. Continue reading

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My definition of a balanced diet

What’s your definition of a balanced diet? Is it keeping check of your various proteins and fats? Is it counting calories? Is it making sure your plate is always colourful and full of veg? Continue reading

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Yoga when cooking one up

Pre Natal Yoga can be boring… it can. If you’re like me and enjoy a more challenging flow that leaves you feeling stretched, worked and renewed, then trying to find a yoga flow that’s both suitable for when you’re “with child” AND leave you feeling that post workout high, can be hard! Continue reading


Fresh New Look

As always this time of year, I start to feel freshly motivated for the coming year ahead. That usually means picking up my blogging again, jumping back on the healthy routine wagon and staying focused on keeping a healthy mind.

I’ve recently learnt (after scrolling through my personal – and private – Instagram account), that my main interests in life are family, food, exercise, keeping a healthy mind, beauty and reading. So those are the things I’m going to incorporate more in this blog – if that’s ok with you of course!  Continue reading


World Mental Health Day

Ok, I know my post is a little late – but have to say, I feel like this day only came the other month… which leads me to ask, is it a monthly occasion? Either way, it doesn’t really matter I guess. The fact that Mental Health has become such a talking point is great.  Continue reading

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Yoga breeze

So the weather has cooled for the next few days, and I’ve already enjoyed a few mini yoga flows – doors open, breeze in, mat down, yoga head on. It’s be great! It’s one of those things where when you’re in a bit of a funk, it’s all too easy not to be fussed by the fact you’re not doing it, and instead, embracing the rest (laziness).  Continue reading