World Mental Health Day

Ok, I know my post is a little late – but have to say, I feel like this day only came the other month… which leads me to ask, is it a monthly occasion? Either way, it doesn’t really matter I guess. The fact that Mental Health has become such a talking point is great.  […]

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Yoga breeze

So the weather has cooled for the next few days, and I’ve already enjoyed a few mini yoga flows – doors open, breeze in, mat down, yoga head on. It’s be great! It’s one of those things where when you’re in a bit of a funk, it’s all too easy not to be fussed by […]

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Workout Aversion

It’s so easy to become distracted from your focus. I try my best to practise yoga daily – but when your focus shifts to something else you deem a priority or if your mind is heavily on other things, it’s easy to put your health and habits second.

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Yoga every damn day

Once upon a time, the thought of practising yoga just wasn’t something I would entertain. I thought it slow, boring and didn’t think it would result in much of a sweat being broken – let alone making any changes to my body. But those were the days where life was all go. My sole focus […]

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Change. If you want to make changes to your life, your way of life, your actions, your habits, your thoughts… then do it. Just do it (as Mr Nike might say – is Nike even a male?! Who knows, please, forgive me, I’m not here to be bashed for sexism). My point is, you shouldn’t […]

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Day: The Common Sense Diet.

General Rules for the Common Sense Diet   Don’t binge/gorge on bad foods: Treat yourself by all means, lifes too short after all. But know your limits. Eating a whole box of donuts might be a little overkill, but enjoying just one every now and then – and I don’t mean daily – is a thumbs up […]

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