Day: The Common Sense Diet.

General Rules for the Common Sense Diet   Don’t binge/gorge on bad foods: Treat yourself by all means, lifes too short after all. But know your limits. Eating a whole box of donuts might be a little overkill, but enjoying just one every now and then – and I don’t mean daily – is a thumbs up […]

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Day: Just drinks (no food)

Once a year, me and my best ones like to get together for a Festive gathering. Now usually, I am sold on this night out because it usually involves a lush dinner to start the night off. If you’re a regular reader of this blog (which if you are, THANK YOU and Merry Christmas!), you’ll […]

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Day: Bake Off!

So here’s a few fun facts about me and baking. My sister bakes. My mother-in-law bakes. I bake Betty Crocker Brownies. I even managed to enhance the taste with charcoal.

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