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Keeping myself in check

It’s funny – you (and by ‘you’ I mean those like minded to me, which isn’t everyone of course) strive to be in shape, fit, healthy, toned and looking your best, on and off, for many years of your life. Continue reading

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My definition of a balanced diet

What’s your definition of a balanced diet? Is it keeping check of your various proteins and fats? Is it counting calories? Is it making sure your plate is always colourful and full of veg? Continue reading

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Eating your way through a grey day

We all do it. When the bad weather strikes, any amount self control to keep your diet healthy – goes. Poof. Out the window, into the rain and grey clouds above. What is it about miserable weather, makes you want to eat everything in sight? “Hearty” foods and snacks alike. It’s like, the idea of eating a salad when it’s grey and dull outside, just doesn’t work. They don’t go hand in hand. In the Summer, I’ll eat salads, drink water and snack on fruit all day every day. But when Winter creeps in, so does that Winter “skin” that I find myself fashioning. You know the one, it’s that extra layer that one might carry to, ahem, “keep us warm”.  Continue reading

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General Rules for the Common Sense Diet 

  1.  Don’t binge/gorge on bad foods: Treat yourself by all means, lifes too short after all. But know your limits. Eating a whole box of donuts might be a little overkill, but enjoying just one every now and then – and I don’t mean daily – is a thumbs up in my books!
  2. Drink water: It helps cleanse your system, keeps your metabolism in working order and quite frankly, we need water to survive.
  3. Exercise: You don’t have to workout every single day. God no! You don’t even have to workout for hours at a time, urgh! Three times a week can do the job – go hard for half an hour and you’ll notice your change in motivation and mindset, not to mention your body. You’ll want to do more, and by all means do… but don’t ruin it! I know I start to resent exercise if I get to a point where it’s forced. Enjoy it. Do or find something you love!
  4. Make better choices: If you’ve had a bad day and have needed a sugar fix every hour on the hour, then fine. But start fresh the next day. Every day is a new day. Don’t wait till the following Monday just so you can justify the rest of the week being sugar fuelled. Just let the bad day go, don’t stress about it, and wake up with a fresh head the next day. Of course if your bad days start outweigh the good, then maybe you need to take a closer look at why you’re reaching for the sugar… addiction is a b*tch.

Continue reading

Day: The Common Sense Diet.

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Once a year, me and my best ones like to get together for a Festive gathering.

Now usually, I am sold on this night out because it usually involves a lush dinner to start the night off. If you’re a regular reader of this blog (which if you are, THANK YOU and Merry Christmas!), you’ll know that a) I’m a home hermit. Going out takes a lot of effort, energy and forced enthusiasm and b) if it doesn’t involve some kind of food offering, then really… what’s the point?  Continue reading

Day: Just drinks (no food)