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It’s been a funny ‘ol weekend. Exhausting for so many reasons – which resulted in not what I would call too much of a late night, but somehow feeling this morning like I’d hit the tiles till the early hours doing a marathon Zumba session. I honestly can’t remember the last time I “hit the tiles…”. Do people even use that phrase anymore!? *Insert blank straight face*.

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Day: I guess I had a bad workout…


If you don’t judge me… I’ll judge you! I ate this today. I’m disgusted with myself. Although, whether that’s because I spent £8 on a freakin’ burger and £4 on chips and couldn’t finish it, OR whether it’s because I thought it was a good idea to have this in the first place. It looks like food only pigeons would eat! I know…

My names Snacks and I eat dirty food… I’ve since then, been 8hrs off the burgers. The road to success, RIGHT THERE! 

But’s lets rewind a second. £8. For a burger. A BURGER! For THAT I was hoping it was cooked by strapping, tanned, beefed up Aussie while stood in his front lawn at his BBQ in the burning sun, before being flown into my hands by the burger angels. Continue reading

Fitness, Foodie

Day: Sh*t got dirty!