Change. If you want to make changes to your life, your way of life, your actions, your habits, your thoughts… then do it. Just do it (as Mr Nike might say – is Nike even a male?! Who knows, please, forgive me, I’m not here to be bashed for sexism). My point is, you shouldn’t […]

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Life is what you make it

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Charles R. Swindoll This quote stuck in my mind from the minute I read it. It made me reflect on my own life. Almost instantly, I realised just how true it is. It’s all too easy to turn thoughts, into monsters. […]

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Mental Health: Take time out

It’s so so important to take some time out for yourself. Like everyone, when the year draws to a close and everything you’ve been running around doing, everything you’ve taken care of throughout the year, can take a toll on your body and health. It’s normal. But in times like this, don’t be the hero! […]

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Things have changed around here.

Hey, Merry Christmas! I realise I’ve been a little AWOL over the last few months – but I’ve found my mojo again, don’t panic. I’ve not completely abandoned ship. Things have been a little busy to say the least – Spring/Summer is always busy with weddings, photoshoots and special occasions, (I “do” makeup), Autumn is […]

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Day: The Common Sense Diet.

General Rules for the Common Sense Diet   Don’t binge/gorge on bad foods: Treat yourself by all means, lifes too short after all. But know your limits. Eating a whole box of donuts might be a little overkill, but enjoying just one every now and then – and I don’t mean daily – is a thumbs up […]

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Day: Women can like eachother.

I’m recently back from a weekend in the sun. And not a family outing either. Nope, I have just returned from a weekend fuelled by champagne, sun and the realisation that you literally can’t go ANYWHERE without spying local yocals from home. True story. But what really  baffled me this weekend, is that for two beautifully […]

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Before & After tricksters!

Like many of us, following fitness account on social media can be (or so you think), motivating. Inspirational even. I’m guilty of stalking the best of them – and will continue to do so! Now before I go on, I just want to note that I am by no means, undoing any hard work that […]

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