Yoga breeze

So the weather has cooled for the next few days, and I’ve already enjoyed a few mini yoga flows – doors open, breeze in, mat down, yoga head on. It’s be great! It’s one of those things where when you’re in a bit of a funk, it’s all too easy not to be fussed by […]

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My excuse this time? The heat!

I love it, I do. But what I’m not loving is the constant clammy, sweaty, tacky feeling of hotness – which by the end of the day after putting the mini one down, leaves me wanting to do anything BUT workout. I’ve done a handful of yoga flows… but literally a handful! I just can’t […]

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Moments like this

I’ve gotta say it – tonight has been just a little near perfect. The only thing missing was having Mr Snacks around – but then I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy a little “me” time, which I believe is really important on occasion.

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Take control. You choose.

Well I guess, I’m trying to say exactly what the title says;  when in doubt, when experiencing struggles, when in a rut, a difficult place, or anywhere where you’re just not happy… take control. This isn’t coming from a sinister place at all, it’s just I’m currently experiencing some physical difficulties – however, the ‘positive […]

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