Before & After tricksters!

Like many of us, following fitness account on social media can be (or so you think), motivating. Inspirational even. I’m guilty of stalking the best of them – and will continue to do so!

Now before I go on, I just want to note that I am by no means, undoing any hard work that I know MANY of these women put into their daily regime where their health and fitness is concerned, as it very clearly shows in their unfiltered, perfectly toned, perfectly defined and perfectly lit photos, that they have in fact, worked their butts off for the temple they call a body. For these women out there, I salute you.  Continue reading


Day: Hello 2016


Happy New Year to one and all. It’s been a while. But don’t fear, I’m back and ready to blow your socks off with a multitude of kooky posts about my diet and fitness successes and failures while I count down to the impending birth of Mini Snacks.  Continue reading

Day: The Wang isn’t an official diagnosis…

I’ve only just managed to sit down after a pretty busy day… I started off with a reasonably healthy smoothie, although tasted more like a good morning treat:

Almond Milk
Spoon of Cocoa
2 x Bananas
Spoon of Organic Peanut Butter

Followed by a power workout called the ‘House Clean’. It’s mainly just a repeat action of duster swishes, hoover pushes and mop swirls. Needless to say my thighs are absolutely killing me from my squat (singular) the other day. It’s a great feeling isn’t it when you hurt from an insane workout like that!?

I’d then like to share some exciting news with you all; I went to get my eyes checked today as I’m in need of some new goggles – in which it turns out my right eye has gotten worse. That’s not the good news, the good news is… I do NOT have a clinical WANG EYE. If you know me, I hope you now feel robbed of p*ss-taking rights.


Then a visit to the Madre, in which it’s only polite to take treats after she’s been poorly – yep, cake. So yes, cake ended up being my lunch.

The rest of the evening can be written off since it’s Saturday night. The usual routine for me and Mr Snacks – involving dinner, treats, tv and wine. BEST.

I plan to workout when I get up tomorrow morning. I might even go for a run. We’ll see…

Day: Where I sang to my client :|

Well today’s been an interesting one. Up at 5.45am to get to a client meeting, to learn that I could have had an extra hour in bed as I was told the wrong time. Ok, I can forgive that.

However, what I can’t seem to believe when I look back, is that due to my tiredness, I became somewhat delirious towards the end of the meeting, where I found myself singing ‘Call Me’ to the client as it turns out he is THAT young he had no idea who Blondie was – it was desperate chance to try and prove that surely everyone knows who Debbie Harry is because I’M NOT OLD!

Oh it doesn’t stop there, I then went on to do my (what I like to think) amazing impression of a Northern accent when demonstrating some of the calls I’ve had to handle from their network. I just needed to explain the queries (in my normal voice). But no, I had to impersonate the callers.

THEN. Now wait for it.

I DID A WORKOUT! It lasted approximately 15mins. I managed 18 weighted squats because I want that ass- to which I now believe I have pulled a muscle. So I poured a glass of wine. I then drank the wine.


Oh, and some people might not be aware yet, but I have a bodge job haircut too. What was explained as wanting a good chop to BELOW MY SHOULDERS has somehow become a proper 12 year old/old mum of 4/matron bob. So please, when you see me. Just say nothing. Ta.


Day: …oh who even knows anymore!?


You may (or may not) have noticed I’ve been a little quiet of late. Without boring you, work took over my life a little.

This means I’ve literally done nothing but work, sleep, work, sleep, eat carbs, drink coffee, work a bit more, eat more carbs, guzzle a bottle of red, snack on cake, drink more coffee and work a bit more… I’ve literally turned my back on the gym or any thought of lifting a weight.

In fact, the closest I’ve come to a squat is when I’ve dropped the pen on the floor that I was balancing on my laptop which was also piled high with files and papers on the way to a meeting, to pick it up.

But no more. Things have gotten bloated and soft. Urgh, soft. I need to put a stop to it. Diet needs to improve… I’d like to say that I’ll slow down on the alcohol, BUT February is a celebratory month for me. What with my birthday, Valentines day AND PANCAKE DAY! What’s not to love about the month of February eh.

So with that in mind, the days I’m NOT celebrating are the days I will be good. Here’s to clambering back on the wagon, cheers! *Insert Clinking Wine Glasses*