Day: Oh, so I have to share now?

It’s happening, that time of my life after having a mini one that he’s become aware of food. MY food. If he’s not eating, and I am… well sh*t me, he’s like a dog shark! He doesn’t even need to be in the same room and there he is!!! Pawing at me. But he’s JUST BLOODY EATEN! And it’s only going to get worse!  Continue reading


Day: Just drinks (no food)

Once a year, me and my best ones like to get together for a Festive gathering.

Now usually, I am sold on this night out because it usually involves a lush dinner to start the night off. If you’re a regular reader of this blog (which if you are, THANK YOU and Merry Christmas!), you’ll know that a) I’m a home hermit. Going out takes a lot of effort, energy and forced enthusiasm and b) if it doesn’t involve some kind of food offering, then really… what’s the point?  Continue reading

Day: A public apology… to my 5yr old nephew.

There are times, when it’s your nephews birthday, that you just can’t help but wind them up.

I mean, it’s the poor kids birthday. 5 today he is. And there I am, telling him I have no presents for him. That he’s not the only special one because it’s everyone’s birthday today… and that if he continues to not share, that I’ll take his present (that I did actually get) back home (because I’ve always wanted a Bumblebee Transformer!). Continue reading

Day: Getting into diet “Credit”

monkeySo I’m still sitting on the second half of my Betty Rocker Challenge. I still hold my word that I’ll do it. Honestly, I PROMISE! I will.

And I really should get on with it, because I’ve been back from our travels for a week now. A week. A week where I’ve indulged endlessly – probably more than I did when we were away, actually – and it’s time to start thinking about getting into, what I like to call “Credit”.  Continue reading