Before & After tricksters!

Like many of us, following fitness account on social media can be (or so you think), motivating. Inspirational even. I’m guilty of stalking the best of them – and will continue to do so!

Now before I go on, I just want to note that I am by no means, undoing any hard work that I know MANY of these women put into their daily regime where their health and fitness is concerned, as it very clearly shows in their unfiltered, perfectly toned, perfectly defined and perfectly lit photos, that they have in fact, worked their butts off for the temple they call a body. For these women out there, I salute you.  Continue reading

Day: Shameless confessions

Tomorrow is the start of December. The start of it being officially acceptable to do festive type stuff; put the tree up, drink mulled wine, wear knitted snowflake jumpers, listen to Buble’s Christmas album, and best of all… have a constant offering of Quality Street on the go (‘cept I don’t offer them). Continue reading

Day: When the skinny jeans fit…

Squeezing Into Those Jeans Shortly After Giving Birth:

So I have a bit of a theory.  A long time ago – I decided to ditch the weighing scales. Not only because I was bored of hearing the “muscle weighs more than fat” shit (ok, it’s absolutely NOT shit, it’s fact. Whenever I was “on one” working out like a soldier, I noticed my weight go up. It can’t be coincidental). BUT would become sadly obsessed with the number that I saw before me. I ditched them HARD! So much so, that I literally have NO IDEA how much weight I put on during my pregnancy. As in, LITERALLY NO IDEA.
Continue reading

Day: Getting into diet “Credit”

monkeySo I’m still sitting on the second half of my Betty Rocker Challenge. I still hold my word that I’ll do it. Honestly, I PROMISE! I will.

And I really should get on with it, because I’ve been back from our travels for a week now. A week. A week where I’ve indulged endlessly – probably more than I did when we were away, actually – and it’s time to start thinking about getting into, what I like to call “Credit”.  Continue reading