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Yoga breeze

So the weather has cooled for the next few days, and I’ve already enjoyed a few mini yoga flows – doors open, breeze in, mat down, yoga head on. It’s be great! It’s one of those things where when you’re in a bit of a funk, it’s all too easy not to be fussed by the fact you’re not doing it, and instead, embracing the rest (laziness). 

But now I’ve done it a few times, I’m actually looking forward to getting back on the mat again this evening once the Mini one is down. I’d love to hit the pavements again and pick up my runs… but one thing at a time eh. It’s taken all Summer for me to get to this point! Who knew a proper Summer, that actually involves a hot sun on our faces, would bring all things that raised the heart rate, to a halt for me!?

I just couldn’t think of anything worse than working out in the heat at home (which is my place of choice for workouts) when I spend my days in a constant state of hot tackyness. Exaclty! I know you all agree with me…

But here’s to fresher mornings, cooler evenings and regular yoga flows! Namaste my friends!


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