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My excuse this time? The heat!

I love it, I do. But what I’m not loving is the constant clammy, sweaty, tacky feeling of hotness – which by the end of the day after putting the mini one down, leaves me wanting to do anything BUT workout. I’ve done a handful of yoga flows… but literally a handful! I just can’t deal with it. 

I really need to get over it a little though because it’s not doing my waistline any favours. So when I opt for coffee and cake dates, dinners out with friends and generally ice-cream gorging on the daily, I can’t really complain when I notice my middle getting soft.

So, I pledge, starting today, that I will do at least a 10-15 minute flow every night – quickly followed by meditation (which, in fact, I have managed to keep up). I have to! I know it doesn’t sound much just doing 10-15 minutes, but trust me, I’ve done it before and it DOES make a difference! If doing an intense flow, I find that all I need is 10-15 minutes, particularly while I’ll sweat bucket loads in this weather, but also, it just keeps my mindset on the right track in the day to day choices I’m making.

It might sound like I’m trying to convince myself here. I am.
But writing it down and posting it out there to the world, just aids my kick up the butt mentality! I’ll let you know if, (when) this plan goes down the pan!


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