Dont let anyone dull your kind sparkle

Quite recently I learnt something about myself – that it’s so easy to question your kind intentions, when it’s not well received by others. Or should I say misunderstood by others maybe.

There’s no need for details, but I experienced a situation recently where my kind actions were perceived in a way that left me feeling rather down on myself. When my help towards others, were seen in a way that was deemed “treading on toes” of those around me. But those around me were busy, rushed off their feet, stressed… so when an opportunity came up for me to help out – it was looked upon as though I was bravely stepping out of my box. 

At first I was mortified by the passive aggressive reaction. And for a couple of days after that, ran through my actions over and over and couldn’t quite believe that something so innocent would be taken in way that surprised people considering my position amongst these peers.

BUT, as always, after some deep thought, fresh perspective and knowing the rule of “taking the emotion out of a situation to be able to see clearly”, I decided to stop feeling confused and intimidated by those around me. And instead saw that what I did, WAS a kind helpful thing. And that if they want to turn that around to be a negative, then that’s more their insecurity and issue than it was mine. And now I feel better.

It would have been far to easy to continue stewing on this minor situation, which would have inevitably turned it into an ugly monster in my mind – an unhealthy state – and instead, chose to breathe, look at the facts of what I did and the reactions of those around me, and decided to be kind to myself instead of beat myself up.

My actions were definitely kind. Their reaction was that of insecurity.
Proof – reactions act out of emotional feelings. RESPONSES are based on facts… maybe they should have tried that latter


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