Take control. You choose.

Well I guess, I’m trying to say exactly what the title says;  when in doubt, when experiencing struggles, when in a rut, a difficult place, or anywhere where you’re just not happy… take control.

This isn’t coming from a sinister place at all, it’s just I’m currently experiencing some physical difficulties – however, the ‘positive me’ has decided to take control of it. Through my own decision not to sit back and wallow in self pity  – I’ve decided instead to research, understand and fill my mind with knowledge and not anxieties and worries, and with that knowledge, do something about it. And that’s exactly what I’ve done. It feels good, because knowing that I’m doing something to help myself, is in turn, making me feel good, positive and in control. I’m choosing not to panic, I’m choosing not to be dramatic, over-think, over-worry or even choosing to sit back and just wait it out. Because in life, you have to make changes for yourself.

I’ve never been one to plod along when I’m not happy. I’m very much a ‘change your situation if you don’t like it’, kinda gal. And I mean in anything! You can take this attitude with almost anything in life that you have the ability to take control of – work, relationships, diet, fitness, health, environment… life is full of choices and only you can choose to take them.  

Choices can sometimes leave you in negative situations, or in a position you never intended or realised the extent you were getting into, but you can also choose to do something about it, and you can choose to change it and make it right. We all make bad decisions in life, remember, we are all human – and that’s ok. It’s how you choose to deal with them that really defines your character.

So you see, we are all in control of our lives. No one else. There is always a way you can change the focus or path you’re on. You’ve just got to choose to shift your thought pattern to realise it. Come join me in this liberating way of life!


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