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Inhale, Exhale.

Life. Everyone has their own path, everyone faces their own difficulties and experiences, or enjoys their own moments of happiness. But it’s the way these difficulties and experiences are handled and dealt that reflect how peaceful your life may or may not be.

This where the whole

Respond, not react

concept comes in very nicely.

Two people may experience identical situations that cause upset or anger. But the way in which they’re handled is exactly what will determine the outcome and the feeling you’re left with. 

Take a step away, think about what has just happened by taking the emotion out if it and relaying the facts will give you a very different response, to someone that reacts instantly through emotion.

The person that has taken a breather before discussing or acting on the situation further will be a lot more calm, collected and level headed than the person that screams and shouts through sheer emotion. Thus leaving them and the other parties involved in tact, having resolved the situation before it even really started.

Needless to say, the emotional reaction will almost definitely result in lots more upset than needed, and will probably go on… and on.

I love this concept. I’ve read a LOT about it, and have actually put it into practise in my day to day life. Whether it’s because I’m having a difficult day with my mini one, an altercation or difference of opinion between friends or family, or even something as simple as my better half buying the wrong brand of something or other.

You’ll find, that in the grand scheme of things, many of these upsetting experiences will not actually mean much. In the grand scheme of things that is. Many general feuds can be avoided if only everyone would take the time to reflect, before giving the ego a chance to take over.

If you want to be peaceful, you need to acknowledge what has happened, deal with the facts, acknowledge your part and move on from it. Keep moving forward. Else before you know it, you’ll be stuck is a very angry, resentful, bitter space – that is not only unhealthy for you, but draining for those around you.

Remember, happiness is contagious, so if we all tried to take a hold on our emotions a little more, our day to day bubbles would not longer pop, and instead would float onwards peacefully.

#Namaste #PleaseShare #Breathe #Inhale #Exhale



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