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Eating your way through a grey day

We all do it. When the bad weather strikes, any amount self control to keep your diet healthy – goes. Poof. Out the window, into the rain and grey clouds above. What is it about miserable weather, makes you want to eat everything in sight? “Hearty” foods and snacks alike. It’s like, the idea of eating a salad when it’s grey and dull outside, just doesn’t work. They don’t go hand in hand. In the Summer, I’ll eat salads, drink water and snack on fruit all day every day. But when Winter creeps in, so does that Winter “skin” that I find myself fashioning. You know the one, it’s that extra layer that one might carry to, ahem, “keep us warm”. 

This weekend, however, has been particularly bad! I’m talking, snack after snack after snack. I’m pretty sure I’ve not uttered a single “no” to anything offered to me. I’ve not once restrained myself from plodding over to the naughty cupboard, that I oh so desperately try and keep my little one away from.

But I’ve decided to forgive myself and not feel guilty about it. Because on the whole, I eat well. I practise yoga on the daily and I generally look after myself. So, a weekend off the rails won’t kill me – unless I fail to clamber my way back on the “My body is my temple” wagon. (I’ve never been on that wagon by the way – life’s too short to say no to everything!). But my point is, a couple of days won’t ruin my general day to day diet and lifestyle.

So cheers to all you lovelies that have found yourself in the same boat as me this weekend, but it’s ok! And as they, you can always “Start again on Monday”! One more sleep to go!



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