Inhale, Exhale.

Life. Everyone has their own path, everyone faces their own difficulties and experiences, or enjoys their own moments of happiness. But it’s the way these difficulties and experiences are handled and dealt that reflect how peaceful your life may or may not be. This where the whole Respond, not react concept comes in very nicely. […]

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Inadvertently Spreading the love

When I first started on my journey of mindfulness and meditation, and understanding the wirings of our brain in order to make a happier, more fulfilled, contented and peaceful life for myself and those around me – I sometimes thought that doing this would be completely pointless if I’m putting these methods and theories into […]

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War Paint

War Paint – aka, Makeup. We’re in a time where layering on a face full of colour and contour has become an unhealthy obsession. Despite being a Professional Makeup Artist by day, I’ve never been one to lather it on, I must admit. It’s just not my style both personally, or with my clients. I […]

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Yoga every damn day

Once upon a time, the thought of practising yoga just wasn’t something I would entertain. I thought it slow, boring and didn’t think it would result in much of a sweat being broken – let alone making any changes to my body. But those were the days where life was all go. My sole focus […]

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Change. If you want to make changes to your life, your way of life, your actions, your habits, your thoughts… then do it. Just do it (as Mr Nike might say – is Nike even a male?! Who knows, please, forgive me, I’m not here to be bashed for sexism). My point is, you shouldn’t […]

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