Day: The Common Sense Diet.

General Rules for the Common Sense Diet 

  1.  Don’t binge/gorge on bad foods: Treat yourself by all means, lifes too short after all. But know your limits. Eating a whole box of donuts might be a little overkill, but enjoying just one every now and then – and I don’t mean daily – is a thumbs up in my books!
  2. Drink water: It helps cleanse your system, keeps your metabolism in working order and quite frankly, we need water to survive.
  3. Exercise: You don’t have to workout every single day. God no! You don’t even have to workout for hours at a time, urgh! Three times a week can do the job – go hard for half an hour and you’ll notice your change in motivation and mindset, not to mention your body. You’ll want to do more, and by all means do… but don’t ruin it! I know I start to resent exercise if I get to a point where it’s forced. Enjoy it. Do or find something you love!
  4. Make better choices: If you’ve had a bad day and have needed a sugar fix every hour on the hour, then fine. But start fresh the next day. Every day is a new day. Don’t wait till the following Monday just so you can justify the rest of the week being sugar fuelled. Just let the bad day go, don’t stress about it, and wake up with a fresh head the next day. Of course if your bad days start outweigh the good, then maybe you need to take a closer look at why you’re reaching for the sugar… addiction is a b*tch.

Over the years, you tend to encounter a million zillion diet plans that claim to be the diet plan of the moment. That’s before some scientist or expert comes along and tells you it’s actually bad for your health because of X,Y and Z reason. So that plan goes out the window and off the media radar… but fear not, another one quickly takes its place! And so the cycle goes on.

There’s also something about following a plan that can be tiresome, and even expensive. You NEVER have all the right ingredients – meaning you’re left to do a shop that includes literally not one single thing you might have in your cupboard already. And when the rest of the family aren’t following said diet, you end up duplicating your shopping budget!

So, with that in mind, I’m here to promote the one single rule that if used correctly while getting off your butt a few times a week to exercise, can be just as effective. It’s certainly something I live by that’s for sure…

Everything in moderation…
Eat less, move more
…or and make better choices.

Ok, so three rules.

It’s not necessarily rocket science to shed a few pounds or to get yourself a little healthier. You have to be realistic. Diet plans work, of course they do. But do they last? Can you live your life following these plans? Because more times than not, you get over it, fall off the wagon and before you know it you’ve either put back on what you lost, or feel sluggish and low again – because what you WERE eating just wasn’t going to cut it in the real world and the crash/change of food intake affects your body more that you care to realise.

The point is, when you decide to take up a little exercise, you tend to change your mind set automatically meaning you generally make better choices with your food.  It’s a knock on affect from feeling good about yourself. It’s no secret that exercise is highly recommended for those who suffer with depression and other mental health issues. It releases chemicals in the body that make you feel good. And when you feel good, you want to eat good. When you start to see the results in your well being, mind set, body, you’re then driven to keep it up.

Doing it this way doesn’t need to involve a weekly visit at the health food shop to stock up on items you don’t even know how to pronounce. It doesn’t need you to eat certain foods at certain times of day or take supplements X amount of minutes before or after a meal. It’s not expensive and it’s certainly not unrealistic.

I work out most days, although not usually at the weekends – and not for hours at time either! Yuck! I might do just 15-20 minutes of yoga, and am lucky enough to use walking around the village with the mini one as an excuse to get out and off my bum. I give myself a break. If I don’t want to work out one day, I don’t. I just make sure I don’t slip… it’s a case of keeping yourself and your mind motivated.

I can honestly say, hand on heart, that in taking this new approach, I feel so much better for it. My mind is healthy, my body is healthy and has changed no end since having the mini one, and my soul is content. And because of this, I generally make better choices now.

We spend too much time beating ourselves up about what we can and can’t eat. Our bodies. Our failures – I for sure have been a victim of this, and was for years, I’m sure I’ll even fall victim to it again one day. But so long as you’re happy and healthy inside and out, then who is anyone else to judge? All it takes is a little knowledge and common sense.

There’s nothing to say that if you fall off the wagon, that you can’t just hop right back on it again. It might take a little time, but that’s ok.


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