Day: Women can like eachother.

I’m recently back from a weekend in the sun. And not a family outing either. Nope, I have just returned from a weekend fuelled by champagne, sun and the realisation that you literally can’t go ANYWHERE without spying local yocals from home. True story.

But what really  baffled me this weekend, is that for two beautifully long sunny days, 12 women were thrown together for a super special occasion.

Now, these occasions, when aided by sun, bubbles and tiredness – can sometimes end in tears. Maybe not quite tears, but there’s every chance you leave the ‘do’ preferring the idea of eating glass, whilst looking directly at the sun, stood in a sea of Great Whites – than ever seeing these people again. It happens. 

But no. Not this weekend. Instead of gripes and rants, I’ve come home feeling like I’ve just spent time with the loveliest, most considerate, funny,  happy bunch of ladies. We laughed, we cried (happy tears) and bonded over personal experiences, common grounds, and sometimes even the appreciation for ones hilarity. I think I might have found myself a fellow friend that finds herself just as comical as I do myself! I realised this after catching her laughing uncontrollably at something that she’d said. I love that! On the flip side, another party goer shared my love for Mindfulness Meditation and all the hippy dippy stuff that goes with that. It was rather liberating to have these conversation with such ease!

Moral of the story? It appears you can actually throw a bunch of women together without there being any bitchiness. I didn’t think it possible either, so don’t worry… I’m as shocked as you right now! There is hope in the world!


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