Day: Everyday’s a cheese day

Cheese. It’s considered to be full of calcium. Which is good for your bones, correct? I have really bad joints, particularly in my knees, like many of you out there I’m sure. So I deem it more than acceptable that I eat cheese every… damn… day. 

Of course while I’m tucking into my cheese sarnie, I’m of course, thinking of my knees. While I’m sprinkling cheese all over my pasta, I’m also 100% definitely thinking of my knees. As I cut a chunk off the block and shovel it into my mouth at various points throughout the day, I’m – yes, that’s the spirit – (altogether now) “Thinking of my knees!”.

Good. I’m glad we’ve cleared that up. Because despite the fact I reckon I’d be a clear two sizes smaller if I quit cheese from my diet, quite frankly, the health of my bones takes priority. So… whaddya gonna do!?  *Insert helpless shrug, whilst padding towards the fridge*.


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