Day: Oh, so I have to share now?

It’s happening, that time of my life after having a mini one that he’s become aware of food. MY food. If he’s not eating, and I am… well sh*t me, he’s like a dog shark! He doesn’t even need to be in the same room and there he is!!! Pawing at me. But he’s JUST BLOODY EATEN! And it’s only going to get worse! 

Right, GO GO GO! He has a full belly. He’s eaten like a King… NOW’S THE TIME!
DO. NOT. WASTE. IT. *Shovelling food down neck like it’s the last supper.*

I was warned of this moment. I’ve seen proof of these times. I have four nephews – I’m well equipped for these stages. But SHARING!?! No. I will never be ok with that. I’ll do it, because I love the mini one. He makes my heart melt when he gives me that look of an unfortunate baby that’s been deprived of bread sticks and apple slices. I’m not sure how he manages that, since he doesn’t really have a clue what such a face would be…

Oh hang on… is that just his resting face?!

Sh*t. He’s going to get away with so many food related crimes!



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