Day: We got down with the kids

Hmm. I’m not sure how to feel about last nights experience. So Mr Snacks and I enjoyed a hiptastic (even just saying that screams “SHE’S NOT HIP…WHO EVEN USES THAT WORD!!!”) evening at the place to be, London O2 Arena, to see the man of the night, Drake. Now he IS hip. Hip… Hop, in fact!!!! *Actually p*ssing myself*. 

Anyhoo, once we’d joined the queue to the event of the year, we very quickly realised that we were probably the oldest “fans” there. I mean, the only other ‘mature’ sorts that joined us, were bloody chaperones to the kids! MUMS AND DADS, with their children, because you had to be accompanied by a p*issin’ adult if you were under the age of 15 – and so they should be of course! BUT 15! More than half our age. I think I’ve just been sick a little bit.

So yeah, we were part of the adult movement – thinking and believing that we ARE cool. We’re at a flippin’ DRAKE CONCERT! How much cooler can one be?! (I’m guessing a lot, since “cool” people don’t refer to themselves as ‘one’).

Anyway, the point is, once we found ourselves bopping along to the beats of the supporting DJ (oh god, I literally can’t think of a way to sound LESS of an actual GEEK! So I will just continue on my path…), it was confirmed that yes, we were on the upper scale of the age range at this thing, because when a record (track, tune, song… whatever you want to bloody call it – I give up) came on that in our books, was VERY COOL – SO cool that it was big in Vegas when we went (a few years back now), I went nuts with excitement as soon as I heard the intro…

No one else did.
They didn’t know it.

The end.


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