Day: Living the dream

You may (or may not – probably more likely) have noticed, that I’ve been a little absent. Well, my dear dear readers, let me tell you WHY!

Heard of the candle brand, CosyRoom Candles yet? Ya know, taking over the  candle world… bloody HUGE they are, I don’t know one person that doesn’t have a Cosy candle in their home! You don’t??? Well, you better get over to CosyRoom Candles to grab yours now – before they’re all gone! *Super sorry not sorry for the shameless plug just there* 

Point is, that’s mine. Amongst my motherly, and wife type duties, I’ve been working hard on setting up my own brand of candle – mainly because I’m obsessed with the things – and am super duper proud of them! We launched last Sunday (15th), and the response has been overwhelming! Already, we have exciting plans in the pipeline, so although our range is small at the moment – including spa like essential oil ranges, candles in cool looking brown pharmacy style jars, yummy fragrance oil candles and fragrance reeds – our plans and ideas are big!

The name CosyRoom couldn’t be more self explanatory… I thrive off of cosy nights in. Making a home cosy, and just being in the moment accompanied by candles, hot drinks, blankets, snuggles and films. I may have mentioned numerous times my anti-social ways during these colder months, well, this is why. I’d prefer to be in my snug, than out and about in the cold.

Anyhoo, to summarise – buy a candle.


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