Day: I triumphed – just


True story. 
This little effort happened last night. I put the Mini one down, and just out of nowhere decided it had to be now or never. No one is going to physically put me in position for a workout. I’m not a mannequin. So while the tiny thought of “should I?” entered my tired little brain, I decided, “Yes, I bloody well should”. So there I was, on the floor, just laying there. Thinking about my first crunch. It took a while, I’ll be completely honest with you. We’ve all been there, laying on the floor, arms crossed over our heads, contemplating our next move.

…and then it happened! 1, 2, 3… ouch, 4, 5… *puff*… 6……….7………. *pause*… and despite my early struggles, I carried on like a soldier. Right up to the big number of 20!!! That was one set complete, SUCCESS! So this went on for about 5 minutes. Let me remind you, that’s 5 minutes more than I’ve done since our holibobs in September LAST YEAR! Now THAT sounds an AGE away! I’m ashamed… (not really).

Anyhoo, because of my extreme workout (you did see how long this went on for right?!), I’m pretty sure I’ve pulled a muscle…

So that must make today a rest day!?  Better get my chill on.


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