Day: …and so it begins.

Ok enough. No seriously, enough now. Since our last holiday, which let me remind you, was LAST SEPTEMBER 2016 – I haven’t lifted a weight. I haven’t crunched a single sit up. And I haven’t been been remotely conscious of what has (accidentally) slipped through my pie hole. 

And, just like every other pitiful soul out there, I am succumbing to the New Year’s trend. Yep. I’m, just like I’m sure many of you are, promising that I’m going to get this jelly ass back in shape. Alright, alright, I can hear you all scoffing – SNOOZE FEST I hear you all cry. Or is that just the voices in my head!? Even they’re bored of my fitness fantasising.

So, I’m not going to preach about my plans. But with a number of occasions coming up this year, I just want to feel good and not conscious that my paunchy belly is protruding. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel body confident now is there…

That said, what this doesn’t mean is that I will give up treats and workout every single day. I could if I wanted to, but the plain and simple fact is, I don’t want to. What’s the point? I’ll never keep it up, I’ll fail, and I’ll just eat my weight (and probably Mr Snack’s too…. why not throw the mini one in there as well) in bad (scrummy) stuff and feel horrendous (deliciously full) afterwards.

So as the famous phrase goes… “Diet starts tomorrow.”


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