Day: Christmas with mini

I’ve been looking forward to Christmas this year, in particular because we have a mini one to enjoy it with this time! That said, and before anyone dares utter a word… 

Yes, I know he won’t know what the hell is going on, BUT we will!

No he won’t quite be able to unwrap his own presents, BUT we will!

No he isn’t allowed to tuck into the naughty treats which makes Christmas what it is… BUT WE WILL!!!!


It’s going to be just fabulous. I’m going to dress him in festive gear, put paper hats on his head at the dinner table, dance around with him to Christmas jingle tunes and just generally abuse his inability to do anything for himself at the moment. It’s going to  be just wonderful. He’s going to love it. He will.

Well, I will… “He won’t know” remember!?

And that show’s how much you know – our boy is going to be an international spy. He’s already showing signs of great intelligence. Mainly his ability to stare intently for hours at the TV. That’s his endurance training passed. Check.

PS: I definitely don’t put the mini one in front of the TV for hours. So pipe down before you pipe up. Merry Christmas!


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