Day: Just drinks (no food)

Once a year, me and my best ones like to get together for a Festive gathering.

Now usually, I am sold on this night out because it usually involves a lush dinner to start the night off. If you’re a regular reader of this blog (which if you are, THANK YOU and Merry Christmas!), you’ll know that a) I’m a home hermit. Going out takes a lot of effort, energy and forced enthusiasm and b) if it doesn’t involve some kind of food offering, then really… what’s the point? 

So when it was announced that this year, we won’t be going for dinner, but instead just drinks – you can imagine how my world came to an abrupt halt. Once the expression on my face had been noted and the lack of  enthused encouragement for such an idea became apparent, the response was literally, and I quote…

For f*cks sake… you can bloody eat dinner at home!!!


Well. EXCUUUUSSSE ME. I AM sorry that I feel robbed. I’m coming out aren’t I!? A little give and take this time of year wouldn’t hurt anyone. Compromise. You want me out? We eat food. It’s really quite a simple deal.

That said, I equally wouldn’t want to appear “pushy” with such a request – I mean, it’s not all about me. Holding back was difficult though, I won’t lie. It’s a funny thing when you want acceptance. They know me well enough to give it to me straight (may I take a moment to refer you to the above quote), but there IS a line. It’s accepted as a funny quirk, until it becomes a pain. That’s when they turn on you. And I would hate to be moaned about, so instead, I’ll just “go with the flow”.

Oooh drinks sound lovely! Who’s fantastical idea was THIS? Oh wonderful… I literally can’t wait. I might arrive early for this one! *Insert speedy hand clapping for added effect*


I reckon they bought it.



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