Day: Friday Night

The plan never goes to plan. I mean, when you have the night to yourself, why wouldn’t you indulge in endless chick flicks, chocolate, wine (cups of  tea) and trash tv all while lazed on the sofa? 

Well that was the plan. But here I am, on my lappie, finishing my Christmas shopping and just generally flicking about on the net (do people even use the term ‘net’ anymore??). I’ve also consumed half a bar of 85% cocoa chocolate – healthy, no?! – and half a bag of giant strawbs. I must have been on autopilot because I literally dipped my hand into the bag before I realised I was fishing around an empty bag. I’d demolished the lot. And I have zero shame, because I’m pretty sure I’ll skip to the shops tomorrow to get another bag. Well, it’ll be Saturday night then won’t it. No one diets on a Saturday night.

So anyway, to summarise… I’m going to bed.

Yep, I’m going to make a cup of tea and I’m going to lay in bed. I might read my book, and well, I guess go to sleep. Is it odd that I find this extremely exciting! Better get the kettle on… things are about to get crazy around here!

*Pads lazily to the kitchen*


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