Day: To be happy

So there I was, sat in the Dr’s surgery today, reading the gumpf that they pile out on tables (although this particular waffle was in Marie Claire magazine, probably from 2001 – those places are FILLED with vintage reads), and was drawn in by a fact or myth piece about how you can avoid a cold. 

So here’s what I learnt (and you’ll see from my list, I couldn’t be bothered to read it all):

  • Vitamin C does NOT stop you from getting a cold.
  • Being happy DOES help you avoid illness…. this was the one that really grabbed my attention.

Basically, despite there actually being a science behind it, the long and short of it is this:

Be a miserable b*stard, you’re more likely to catch bugs, germs and generally be an “ill” type. The Debbie Downer type. Admit it, you ALL know one.
Go through life singing and dancing, and you’ll be good to go! 

Of course, this isn’t always possible. I’ve had a shocking November – hormones mainly – making me feel like a maungy moaner that lets face it, NO ONE likes to be around. AND ALAS! I FALL ILL!!!!!

I’m never usually ill (touch wood). I’m pretty lucky in my health (where bugs are concerned at least), in that I don’t often catch anything. I don’t often fall down with colds, sickness, sickness of the “other end”, or anything else for that matter. So grateful for that, I certainly am.

But that’s not to say I don’t moan. EVERYONE has a whinge and a moan about something sometimes. I do try and keep a smile on my face (my family may beg to differ on this one – having a slightly dry and sarcastic personality does not mean I’m not happy on the inside btw). But I do. I, on the most part, am a happy person. I try to be positive. I often find the silver lining in situations and on occasion, do sing and dance around the house.

Also, just to be clear here, I’m not talking about a little b*tch here and there, because unfortunately, as a woman, it’s just in our genes to have a good ‘ol gossip with your nearest and dearests. This isn’t about that. Oh no. Otherwise, I for one, would be laid up 24/7.

This is about seeing life through sh*t stained glasses. It just ain’t that bad…  So what I’m trying to say is, cheer up chuck! Life could be worse. It always can. So lets focus on what we have in life and not dwell on the things we don’t – Jeez, the Docs could really save themselves time and the NHS money with this!

(Woah there, someones got their positive pants on today… forgive me, those people can be SO annoying!).


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