Day: That’s a wrap

Today was my last day in the studio for 2016! “Studio??” I hear you cry… yep, for those that don’t know – I’m a Professional Makeup Artist. I paint faces and make people pweddy. Well, try to at least. Just don’t let me near your face if I’m hungry – the shakes can really cause […]

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Day: Just drinks (no food)

Once a year, me and my best ones like to get together for a Festive gathering. Now usually, I am sold on this night out because it usually involves a lush dinner to start the night off. If you’re a regular reader of this blog (which if you are, THANK YOU and Merry Christmas!), you’ll […]

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Day: Friday Night

The plan never goes to plan. I mean, when you have the night to yourself, why wouldn’t you indulge in endless chick flicks, chocolate, wine (cups of  tea) and trash tv all while lazed on the sofa? 

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Day: To be happy

So there I was, sat in the Dr’s surgery today, reading the gumpf that they pile out on tables (although this particular waffle was in Marie Claire magazine, probably from 2001 – those places are FILLED with vintage reads), and was drawn in by a fact or myth piece about how you can avoid a […]

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