Day: Shameless confessions

Tomorrow is the start of December. The start of it being officially acceptable to do festive type stuff; put the tree up, drink mulled wine, wear knitted snowflake jumpers, listen to Buble’s Christmas album, and best of all… have a constant offering of Quality Street on the go (‘cept I don’t offer them).

I realise that I haven’t posted recently about diet. Or exercise.

That’s because I haven’t dieted.
Or exercised.

But I DO think about it. A lot.

So despite my recent habit of eating a square of chocolate and a handful of salty peanuts, together, in the mouth, in one go… and spicing up my hot chocolate with a glug of Irish Cream, I do THINK healthy thoughts. (May I also add that not one tiny little ounce of me feels guilty about these delightful treats. NOT ONE. Try it for yourself and see what happiness it brings at this joyous time of year!)

It was only last night that I was sat there, drinking a mug of green tea (the Irish Cream ran out – and hot chocolate is no longer the same without it)… nibbling (chomping) on a cookie, thinking to myself:

I’m really in the mood for a few situps tonight. I might do some before bed. Yeah, I’ll enjoy this cookie and when we go up to bed, I’ll drop down to the floor and crunch those badboy abs back into shape.


It was a genuine feeling. It often starts like that you see. I’ll suddenly do a few sit-ups before bed, which then usually snowballs into daily workouts and eating better. And back on the wagon I am.

Problem is, by the time we got up to bed last night, I found myself in the usual robotic bedtime routine and found myself tucked up under our lusciously warm feather duvet, mmm… oh it was so cosy and niiiiiiceee… and did I say cosy. I was in my happy place – there was no going back.

Huh? Oh yeah, so I forgot. To do the sit-ups I mean.

PS: Since I’m on a “truth roll” about my snacking habits right now, you might want to know I have just consumed a (small) box of chocolates that I actually bought for a friend, who has had an operation, on her neck. She tells me she can’t eat at the moment because she is sore and swollen. So I took one for the team. You’re welcome my darling. They were disgusting anyway. *Wipes away chocolate from shameless face stuffing*


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