Day: A public apology… to my 5yr old nephew.

There are times, when it’s your nephews birthday, that you just can’t help but wind them up.

I mean, it’s the poor kids birthday. 5 today he is. And there I am, telling him I have no presents for him. That he’s not the only special one because it’s everyone’s birthday today… and that if he continues to not share, that I’ll take his present (that I did actually get) back home (because I’ve always wanted a Bumblebee Transformer!).

Why I do this, I don’t know. I partly blame my current lurgy, it’s making me cranky – and partly, I think it’s hilarious . However, I’m not sure I mentioned this, but… HE’S FIVE! 5! As in, only been on this planet 60 months (for those that still count their children’s ages in months – I know you’re out there!).

So, here I am now that I’m back home, dying, on the couch, feeling somewhat a little guilty (again, it might just be because I’m ill. My immune is down. My emotional strength has weakened).

But little one, I’m sorry. Please accept my apology. It’s your birthday, of course you have a present from us, of course it’s a special day and even if it was anyone else’s birthday today – who cares! YOUR’S IS THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL… and OF BLOODY COURSE you don’t have to share, today of all days! Auntie Snacks doesn’t even share cake on a Tuesday, sometimes not even a Wednesday, let alone on a big day like this! So go… run, be free, be selfish (but only today), eat as much cake as you like (before I get to it), and enjoy YOUR DAY!


Lots of love, your favourite (and may I add, most hilarious, fun and all round winning) Auntie.

Snacks xoxo


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