Day: Sometimes you just need a reason

Every day I scroll through my Facebook – as dull as I find the news feed (sorry friends), it’s one of those “must haves” in this day and age (sh*t I sound old) – but I often come across those horrendous ads. You know the ones! They have the most disgusting (gorgeous) dresses, that make me want to hide away (go out) and get an early night (say 2am) because the thought of wearing this garm I see before me, ill fitted (oh so beautifully) upon the model (b*tch), makes me want to whip out the card and buy buy buy.

The problem (not problem) is I don’t really go out. You may have read my earlier post about being a bit of a hermit, particularly during these colder months – which I’m more than ok with btw. I genuinely look forward to our Saturday nights in with a glass, snacks, and Mr by my side while the little one sleeps and the TV entertains us. My idea of heaven to be fair.

BUT – when I see a dress like I just have, well, my mind goes into overdrive!

What do I have coming up?
Am I booked for anything fancy I’ll need it for?
Any weddings?
Posh parties?
… No. Nothing. Nada.


So instead, I find myself gazing longingly at this dress, dying inside that I can’t justify spending the cash on it because, well… I’m socially disabled right now.

I’m just going to have to shut the tab down. Forget about it and move on with life.
(Ok I’ve absolutely not done that and instead shown Mr Snacks in the hope he might treat me to a posh evening out!!!!!!! YES! Great idea!!!)…

He doesn’t like it.


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