Day: When the skinny jeans fit…

Squeezing Into Those Jeans Shortly After Giving Birth:

So I have a bit of a theory.  A long time ago – I decided to ditch the weighing scales. Not only because I was bored of hearing the “muscle weighs more than fat” shit (ok, it’s absolutely NOT shit, it’s fact. Whenever I was “on one” working out like a soldier, I noticed my weight go up. It can’t be coincidental). BUT would become sadly obsessed with the number that I saw before me. I ditched them HARD! So much so, that I literally have NO IDEA how much weight I put on during my pregnancy. As in, LITERALLY NO IDEA.

Instead, I decided I’d go for the body diary technique. Basically, you take pictures of yourself once a week, 2 weeks, month… to see your body change and witness real results. It worked. Everyone likes to see physical changes in their weight loss and/or tone. So strip down to ya kegs and give it a go – just make sure you don’t keep the photos on your phone. Bad idea. VERY BAD IDEA.

However NOW? I can’t even be bothered to do that! Honestly, I’ve made the decision that if the jeans fit… well, who am I to complain? Of course I could be a lil more toned than I am – BUT IT’S WINTER! I need the warmth, so I welcome the softness. Maybe not with complete open arms, but I’ll tolerate it for now. I’ve come to this line of thought purely because today, I decided to try on my skinniest jeans after a number of failed attempts previously. And… THEY ONLY BLOODY FIT! How? I have no idea. I’ve not worked out (and hands up, I’ve not completed the pissin’ Betty Rocker challenge either, so shoot me). I’m putting this down to the deteriorating muscle turning to moosh, so it’s technically easier to squish into these things. I’m softer. Things move more easily. Thus, ze body moulds into such items of ones wardrobe.

You may notice that I’m pretty darn good at finding the silver lining in ALL situations. So if fitting into my “I’m still cool” ripped skinnies, by being soft and unfit, then YES. I’ll take that.

Happy Friday y’all.


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