Day: Being a hermit

Image Via: Camille Styles:
It’s widely known amongst my friends and family that this time of year calls for permanent nights in – for me anyway. I like the whole being curled up, slops on (‘slops’ being my chill clothes for those that are unfamiliar with this term),  film on, hot chocolate (wine) in hand, surround by a few healthy snacks (chocolate), complete with the fire on, candles lit and a granny blanket over our legs.  Old I am not. NOT I say. But who on this earth, actually wants to go out in these dark, cold nights? Not me. I guess what I’m actually doing here, is hinting to my friends and family, in case they think they’ll try to organise a “girls night!!!!! YAY!” that they should probably count me out. It’s safe to say I most probably won’t come. Unless, it involves a meal out. Or a buffet of some sort. Then YES, I may make a brief appearance. It’s not to say I don’t want to see these lovely sorts and I know I’d almost definitely bring a few larfs to theparty, but I’m just quite happy at home. (Do you think I’ve made my point clear? I’m not sure…).

So to summarise, the answer is ‘thanks, but no thanks’.

But for now – unless I find I have something witty to share – you may hear a little less of me. Of course I could always post dull posts that would be like the OPPOSITE of the “EAT, SLEEP, RAVE, REPEAT” slogan. It’d be more like…

Sip Tea

Because, THAT’S just how rock and roll I AM.


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