Day: Shameless confessions

Tomorrow is the start of December. The start of it being officially acceptable to do festive type stuff; put the tree up, drink mulled wine, wear knitted snowflake jumpers, listen to Buble’s Christmas album, and best of all… have a constant offering of Quality Street on the go (‘cept I don’t offer them). Continue reading


Day: The lergy became inconvenient

I’ve had a funny ‘ol weekend.

Mr Snacks has been ill. Bless him. Admittedly I mocked him a little because, well, I never get ill. Rarely do you hear me hocking it up or looking drained of colour with eyes the size of p*ss holes. But I got my just deserts didn’t I. Karma really is a b*tch. I reckon she needs to have a little word with herself… when’s it her turn? Surely it will have to happen soon. She does seem to ruin a LOT of peoples days, years, lives!?  Continue reading

Day: A public apology… to my 5yr old nephew.

There are times, when it’s your nephews birthday, that you just can’t help but wind them up.

I mean, it’s the poor kids birthday. 5 today he is. And there I am, telling him I have no presents for him. That he’s not the only special one because it’s everyone’s birthday today… and that if he continues to not share, that I’ll take his present (that I did actually get) back home (because I’ve always wanted a Bumblebee Transformer!). Continue reading

Day: Sometimes you just need a reason

Every day I scroll through my Facebook – as dull as I find the news feed (sorry friends), it’s one of those “must haves” in this day and age (sh*t I sound old) – but I often come across those horrendous ads. You know the ones! They have the most disgusting (gorgeous) dresses, that make me want to hide away (go out) and get an early night (say 2am) because the thought of wearing this garm I see before me, ill fitted (oh so beautifully) upon the model (b*tch), makes me want to whip out the card and buy buy buy.
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Day: When the skinny jeans fit…

Squeezing Into Those Jeans Shortly After Giving Birth:

So I have a bit of a theory.  A long time ago – I decided to ditch the weighing scales. Not only because I was bored of hearing the “muscle weighs more than fat” shit (ok, it’s absolutely NOT shit, it’s fact. Whenever I was “on one” working out like a soldier, I noticed my weight go up. It can’t be coincidental). BUT would become sadly obsessed with the number that I saw before me. I ditched them HARD! So much so, that I literally have NO IDEA how much weight I put on during my pregnancy. As in, LITERALLY NO IDEA.
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Day: Being a hermit

Image Via: Camille Styles:
It’s widely known amongst my friends and family that this time of year calls for permanent nights in – for me anyway. I like the whole being curled up, slops on (‘slops’ being my chill clothes for those that are unfamiliar with this term),  film on, hot chocolate (wine) in hand, surround by a few healthy snacks (chocolate), complete with the fire on, candles lit and a granny blanket over our legs. Continue reading