Day: Where are the weeks going!?

bestillLife is literally passing me by! I mean, seriously, if this pissin’ train could kindly SLOW THE F*CK DOWN I’d be forever grateful! 

I’m enjoying every second of life with our wee Snack bundle, but when I’m not doing that, I’m painting the faces of brides, models, wannabe models… and wannabe’s they may remain (#sorrynotsorry – never give up on your dreams kids!)… when I’m not doing that, I’m working on my next venture… if that’s not taking my attention, I’m writing and blogging… and when the lappies off, I’m cleaning ze house (sometimes this is questionable – let’s just call it “tidying” shall we), or sorting out bottles, or dinner, or finding a second to check out my ever softening gut. But when I DO have time to take the opportunity to tighten said softness, I’d rather meditate or pick up a book.

Life is frickin’ short. So when I berate myself for not working out, or find myself losing motivation – although right now, I’ve completely lost the wagon in order to get back on it… I’ll keep searching. Might be out on the drive – I just tell myself I walk most days, I’m on the go pretty much constantly, and so if a moment arises where I can just be still and chill then I bloody well will (that was powerful right?!).

Yes. You understand correctly.
I am justifying my lazy ass right now. I am completely and utterly trying to make myself feel better about the fact, that I literally cannot bring myself to lift a weight, or get a sweat on voluntarily. Maybe another holiday will miraculously find that wagon I was talking about… Hmmm… *Insert last minute holiday search*


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