Day: Bikini or woolly jumper?

autumnI love Autumn. Really I do. The smell of Winter is in the air, the festive season looms and the low sun (although causing what I can only experience as blindness behind the wheel – honestly, you may as well be blindfolded and on army training… LEFT LEFT LEFT, Sh*t. P*ssin’ tree.) really is beautiful. 

But how the HELL are you supposed to dress for this season? For me, here’s a typical day:

You wake up, you’re cold, so you wrap up in your Winter robe and indulge in a few cosy morning snuggles.

Then you get up… you run around sorting everyone out. You get hot.

You step outside for a walk with the mini one… BRR! You wrap up.

You power-walk around the village – sh*tting hell, is it me or have I walked into Bermuda?

You get home, the wood floor is FREEZING – but you enjoy the post walk “cool down” on your feet.

…Before you know it, your feet are getting frost-bite. I’m sorry, but do we LIVE IN AN IGLOO?! 

I mean, seriously! Is it just me that struggles with this? I need suggestions – other than buggering off on another holiday. What?!!?!? At least you know where you stand then eh!


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