Day: Getting into diet “Credit”

monkeySo I’m still sitting on the second half of my Betty Rocker Challenge. I still hold my word that I’ll do it. Honestly, I PROMISE! I will.

And I really should get on with it, because I’ve been back from our travels for a week now. A week. A week where I’ve indulged endlessly – probably more than I did when we were away, actually – and it’s time to start thinking about getting into, what I like to call “Credit”. 

By getting into “Credit” I don’t mean financially. No. I mean, in terms of my diet and and fitness.
As bizarre as this may sound to people, I seem to have a pattern this time every year, where I find myself being good on the food front, working out and generally getting myself into shape… all ready for the Christmas festivities.

I do this so that my festive splurges are a little more guilt free. That I’m not packing on the pounds on top of the pounds I’m already carrying (that I couldn’t be bothered to shift from said trip). It’s “guilt free” because it’s like I’m pigging out on a clean slate.

In short, it just means less effort is required in the New Year to shift the unwanted wobble. And as you may have learnt with me on this blog, the less effort required, the better! Hence why I fell for the Betty Rocker Challenge so much. 15 minutes a day is RIGHT up my street. Sod these endless daily workouts where you find yourself breathing like an asthmatic pig for hours on end!



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