bestillLife is literally passing me by! I mean, seriously, if this pissin’ train could kindly SLOW THE F*CK DOWN I’d be forever grateful!  Continue reading

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Day: Where are the weeks going!?


autumnI love Autumn. Really I do. The smell of Winter is in the air, the festive season looms and the low sun (although causing what I can only experience as blindness behind the wheel – honestly, you may as well be blindfolded and on army training… LEFT LEFT LEFT, Sh*t. P*ssin’ tree.) really is beautiful.  Continue reading

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Day: Bikini or woolly jumper?


monkeySo I’m still sitting on the second half of my Betty Rocker Challenge. I still hold my word that I’ll do it. Honestly, I PROMISE! I will.

And I really should get on with it, because I’ve been back from our travels for a week now. A week. A week where I’ve indulged endlessly – probably more than I did when we were away, actually – and it’s time to start thinking about getting into, what I like to call “Credit”.  Continue reading

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Day: Getting into diet “Credit”