Day: I’m no longer on holiday. But eating like I am.

palmtreesI’m back. From my holiday. The holiday that provided me with great motivation to get in shape. It worked. I worked out, I ate reasonably well, and I saw the results.

But now I’m back. Yip. I know. I’m buzzin’. *Insert the straightest face you’ve ever seen*. 

Despite physically being back home now, as in, my body now graces the rooms of our house, mentally I’m not. No. Mentally – which I guess can take the blame for my physical actions – I am still on holiday. I’m still picking up the treats. I’m still lazing about. I’m still wandering to the kitchen in search for a barman to whip me up a Mojito. I’m looking about the garden for a free cabana to lay our towels out on. But instead, I’m being  faced with dishes that need washing (soaking) and a lawn that needs a trim before it’s requires styling.

Mentally I’m not ready for this return.

I have the second half of my Betty Rocker challenge to get back into. And I’m not gonna lie, the thought of it knackers me! I need to ease myself back into her super hyper, super happy, super springy self.

Right now, I do not feel like a Rockstar.