Day: I didn’t succumb to my excuses!

Today I was going to give myself the day off. I’m religious… in no way whatsoever. BUT, I do like to adopt the odd phrase when it suits, like:

Sunday is the day of rest


…or something like that. So decided I should treat myself to exactly that. A rest day. ON DAY FLIPPIN’ 5! Pathetic huh. 

Today, I figured was my cheat day. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I tend to go my mother in laws (aka ‘Mumma D’) for Sunday lunch. Not just lunch. No. Lunch and an average of 3 puds to boot. Yes, you read correctly, 3 puds. I figured if I refuse the potatoes in my roast, I can justify the puds. PLUS I’ve been super duper disciplined with my diet all week! What else is a cheat day for, if you can’t go all out?!

Today, I had a word with myself. Told myself to get a grip. Get over myself and my excuses. Get my ass off the couch and do that 15 minutes workout already! Don’t fail, not yet!! Ideally not ever, but one day at a time eh!

Not the best idea after wolfing down my dinner  before the wee one had an overtired meltdown! Although I did make him wait until I was done with my desserts. Wellllll, he’s gotta learn to be patient right!?

The burpees in todays circuit, was an out and out risk – “Slowly does it”, was my train of thought through this particular exercise. But unless I wanted to see my roast again, I figured Betty wouldn’t mind! I’ll go hard again tomorrow.

And anyway, point is. I did it! *Insert cheesy grin and double thumbs up*