Day: 2 of the Betty Rocker Challenge

365 Happiness Project 2014 – Quote 286:

I’ve completed day two! Success right? Wrong. Day two may well be completed… but there are 28 days left. Twenty. Eight… Two Eight. That’s like a full monthly cycle. 

That said, and with my fully dedicated two days experience, I can honestly tell you that I sweat more doing these 15 minute workouts, than I have done at the gym before. So already that’s a thumbs up.

Sometimes though, the happiness that is called ‘Betty’, makes me want to punch her square in the face.

But then I’m like,

“No! It’s because of this bundle of irritating joy that you will look and feel like a slightly better, slightly more toned, slightly more confident, new mumma. And let’s face it, someones gotta sell this whole “Working out is FUNNNNN!” cr*p.

I reckon she does a pretty decent job of it. I particularly like being called a “Rockstar” at the end of the workouts. Makes me feel a little, um, proud?

Yes Betty. You’re right. I am a f*ckin’ rockstar! Now I’ll see your peachy ass tomorrow!

I must add – I do other bits throughout the day on top of these 15 minute power workouts. I walk and sometimes if the moment takes me, I lift a few weights too. Not everyday mind… Although if you count the mini one as a weight, and I DO – then yes, every single day I am lifting weights. Really heavy weights. Hmm, I might have to start feeding him less – I don’t want “man guns”.

Where my diet is concerned I’ve been pretty disciplined there too… a general day may look a bit like this:

Breakfast – a bowl of Fruit n Fibre
Snack –  1 square of Lindt Excellence Dark Supreme 90% Cocoa Chocolate
Lunch – A protein shake with fruit
Snack – 1 square of Lindt Excellence Dark Supreme 90% Cocoa Chocolate
Dinner – Weight Watchers meal
Snack – 2 squares of Lindt Excellence Dark Supreme 90% Cocoa Chocolate

So you see… discipline.