Day: I signed up to a Betty Crocker, I mean ROCKER, Challenge


Admittedly it was the name that grabbed my attention. There I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed when the name Betty Rocker slid up my screen.

At first I thought maybe it was a typo. They must mean ‘Betty Crocker’, silly people. And just by sight of that name, my mind ran away with me… there I was, imagining participating in my very own Betty Crocker style Bake Off challenge. And as we already know, I am a skilled Crocker baker. *Insert DEAD SERIOUS face*. Not only that, but surely as part of the challenge I’d have to eat and review each bake right! I HAVE GOT THIS!

But no.

Betty Rocker is the name, and a 30 day challenge is what I have signed up for. Despite going on holiday in 13 days now (not that I’m counting at all), it’s something I figured I could pick back up when I return. This Betty bird looks like she could throw a punch – and I like to think I have a cheeky jab – so basically we should be best mates.

Just one 15 minute body weight workout a day at home and I’m good to go… although let’s not forget now, this will be on top of the daily lifting. pushing, carrying, rocking, and general moving of our beautiful creation. He’s not light. As well as my daily walks and healthy eating I am currently into.  So all in all, I’m hoping to see some great results.

The only downside is that I guess I should do some kind of before and after pics. They might be headless – because, well, I don’t have a head mainly. But that’s not what we’re tracking here, so figured that part doesn’t matter! Day one tomorrow. BRING. IT. ON.

[Upon signing up, I was asked to insert my name and goal…]

Snacks, commit to doing this 30-day challenge, starting on September 6, 2016. My goal is to tone my ass off and I will get there because I’m a ROCKSTAR!

I feel a bit ‘Rockstar’-ish already! She’s super American, super positive, super happy and full of beans. Unlike us sarcastic pessimistic Brits. But to hell with the lotta ya! I’m going to embrace this shit. LETS DO THIS BETTY!

Come join me why don’t you!