Day: Yoga saved me!

As you may (or may not have read), I am participating in the Betty Rocker 30 Day Challenge. To put it simply, it’s a 15 minute workout, every day, taught by Miss Rocker herself via a video sent to your email. And I’m already feeling AND seeing the benefits! Seriously, I feel like my body is being worked all over, which makes a nice change from my usual repetitive home workouts.

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Day: I signed up to a Betty Crocker, I mean ROCKER, Challenge


Admittedly it was the name that grabbed my attention. There I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed when the name Betty Rocker slid up my screen.

At first I thought maybe it was a typo. They must mean ‘Betty Crocker’, silly people. And just by sight of that name, my mind ran away with me… there I was, imagining participating in my very own Betty Crocker style Bake Off challenge. And as we already know, I am a skilled Crocker baker. *Insert DEAD SERIOUS face*. Not only that, but surely as part of the challenge I’d have to eat and review each bake right! I HAVE GOT THIS!

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