Day: I might just shave it

Hair. What’s the point in it exactly? Because if I’m honest, the only thing it’s good for nowadays is:

  1. Being pulled on
  2. Being sicked on
  3. …and tickling my face. But not the enjoyable kind of tickling, no. More the “Get the F*CK out my face” kind.

It’s bad enough that I feel as though I end up with a wig load in my hands after washing it, let alone the constant picking and disposing of individual strands on literally ANYTHING I TOUCH! 

It’s no wonder I’m noticing thinned areas on my head. I want my hair up, but look like I have a receding hair line now. It’s not really the look I’m going for if I’m honest. So I’m searching out new do’s to save me from my daily predicament. Problem is, I’m lazy when it comes to my hair…

Britney in 2007, now there’s a thought… *goes off searching for the hubby’s clippers*