Day: Bake Off!

So here’s a few fun facts about me and baking. My sister bakes. My mother-in-law bakes. I bake Betty Crocker Brownies. I even managed to enhance the taste with charcoal. Advertisements

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Day: I’ve no idea anymore…

I’ve not written for a while, so figured while the mini one is napping, I’d grab my opportunity! A few things have changed since popping out the mini one… My grey hair. It’s spreading like the plague.. The ‘Silver Fox’ look just isn’t the same on women. We just look, well, old.  I’m wearing less and […]

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Day: I might just shave it

Hair. What’s the point in it exactly? Because if I’m honest, the only thing it’s good for nowadays is: Being pulled on Being sicked on …and tickling my face. But not the enjoyable kind of tickling, no. More the “Get the F*CK out my face” kind. It’s bad enough that I feel as though I […]

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