Day: I should probably invest in a tutu

BalletSlowly slowly I’m starting to catch the bug again. Yesterday, while the Mini Snacks was playing happily on his mat, I decided to brave a quick 10 minute Barre workout that I found on You Tube – “ease yourself in slowly” they say. Who’d have thought that it would be so awkwardly difficult! There I was, hand placed delicately on the back of my chair, shoulders down, belly pulled in, feet turned out, heels together, feeling like the ultimate Prima Ballerina, while I stand there waiting for my first instruction. 

Well. That moment didn’t last long.

How do the instructors on my TV look so elegant whilst performing these fat busting moves? And me? Put it this way… that “Prima Ballerina” I mention above? GONE. It never existed. I ended up looking and feeling like an out of breath buffoon trying to moonlight as Darcey Bussell.  Fail. All the more reason to keep trying I say… I will get that dancers body, even if it means clomping about a bit to start with!

Then today, I paid a visit to me ‘ol mucker called Gym! It was a great moment – back on the bike and lifting those weights felt good. Much more where I belong. But familiarity and comfort zones don’t get you to those dizzying heights of success. So I will continue my barre efforts along with some other workout styles to ensure I use every muscle possible to achieve the lean body I need, before stepping into any form of bikini this summer. Wish me luck!