Day: I blame the rain

Now excuse my Francois, but please can this shitty weather kindly piss off?!  

I’ve been on a quite a good run lately, walking most days, working out at home on the weights and eating relatively well. I took the decision to have carbs for either lunch OR dinner. Never both. The suns been out, I’ve been positively catching it, it’s been great! I could get used to this…

But then the storm broke. And wow – that’s balls’d up my plans. I mean, I know I could walk in the rain. But I don’t want to. So I won’t. Who would? Motivated sorts… well done them. *Insert slow clap with less than impressed “stop showing me up” face*

I do have the option to go to the gym while Mr Snacks looks after Mini Snacks, but when he’s down for a nap, I always find something else to catch up on. Usually sleep. So that becomes the priority. Well what would Mini prefer? A shattered, sweaty mummy, or a well rested one? I know who I’d prefer. No one likes a clammy hug.