Day: I attended another ‘Mummy’ class!

Baby_workoutThese Mummy classes are pretty handy really aren’t they!? I mean, there I was thinking I wouldn’t be into such things, but actually – when you’re wanting to work out, being amongst new mummas and babbas who are in the same boat as you, is pretty handy. Where else can you take your darling little ones to a class, where if they scream or cry, or more to the point, you need a breather, can use said little one as an excuse to skip out for a minute… or ten!? 

Oh hang on, he’s spit up… let me just go wipe his face… now, where is that muslin, hmm, I can’t seem to find it… did I forget it? Let me see…
*slowly rummaging through the mess of a changing bag – pushing the cloth deeper into it – whilst catching breath and slyly looking around to see if anyone’s paying attention*

This particular class is a special one, mainly because a very old crony of mine runs it… and she kicks butt! Her post natal workout knowledge is key to making sure you do all the right things to get the body you’re after – and not end up with a pot belly – toned, but pot, if you know what I mean.

I gave myself a pat on the back too, because it’s been tipping it down ALL day today. So I turned up looking like a less than impressed drowned rat, feeling as though there must have been some kind of initiation test to get from car, to class, whilst jogging with Mini in the car seat. And believe me, he ain’t light. I’m pretty sure I’ve pulled a muscle in my arm – and we’d not even started!

Anyway, I completed the class. He slept all the way through. Which basically meant, no cheating for me. Gutted. Bravo Mini, but ya gotta learn to help ya mumma out once in a while! I was dying out there!

BUT, I’ve come away feeling super determined and motivated. And I’m sure that alone is good news for the Fitness Mistress they call Julie! Goodbye cushion gut, helloooo washboard abs!

Get involved guys!