Day: Ouch

It’s the day after I decided to finally get my weights in from the garage and pull a few moves with them. It’s shocking to see how much my strength has deteriorated since bringing another mini human into the world. I mean – I could only manage 3 sets of 5 weighted squats, as opposed to my usual 3 sets of 10. And my lunges? Well, they were near on impossible. It’s like my legs just won’t bend in the way they should for such a movement.  On top of that, I’m not allowed to do any form of sit up yet while my stomach muscles are “fusing” back together after the big heave ho. So instead, I opted for some leg raises while laying on the floor. I mean. Seriously. It’s like someone had delved into my body, ripped out my muscles and replaced them books. That’s how useless I was.   

And now I hurt.

A lot.

And the reality is – tomorrow will only feel worse! Which is why I plan on resting. They say a rest day is important when on a quest for fitness. Even if it is only after Day 1.

Laugh it up all you like… as least I got off my ass and did something – what did you do? Exactly! (You’re probably training for a marathon or something aren’t you. Sure.)